As the performance and conduct of the employees in any organization is basically directly proportional to the success and productivity of the company, and so enhancing and paying attention to an employee’s performance is one pivotal concern.

Apart from the general interacting, associating, communicating and greeting ways of language of enhancing and achieving productivity at workplace, Information Technology sector has brought the exceptionally beneficial concept of ‘i-Zon. The software is designed as secured functional process. It helps to uncover if an employee can leak or reveal some secrecy contract details in some mischievous manner.


This way this software describes what the employee is up to, Is he working effectively with his profile, Is he needing some guidance, some improvements and so on so forth.

The idea behind using this invention is it tracks and records the activities of computer , mobile or system devices and saves it to a log file. It has a feature of comprehensive Data saving as well.

It happens to be an innovative system which is basically meant for system monitoring and keeping in check the daily on-work routine of employees. It is a remote monitoring tool.


Computer System Monitoring is the main idea of this launching.

i-Zon’ has ability to keep tracks and records of files, emails, accessing history as well. ‘i-Zon’ makes it extra-ordinary as it captures the screenshot of the displaying screen of the user and then saves it in the logs. As most of the data is saved on work-system and mostly conversations are done via systems at workplaces, Security- in check of such data and conversations becomes a matter of extra concern for the performance of employee and success of organization.


It functions in a way where the one who is being tracked doesn’t get to know even that he is being tracked for security and official purposes. One may think that it limits the privacy of an employee. It also functions beneficially for the admin as it is the admin who is getting all the details about the device used with the Conduct of the user/employee and his activities. The admin gets an idea in the context of user’s behavior towards the company, his work and office details as well.

But I would like to inform that it never manipulates the data or content. Its only goal is to check the behavior of the employee in the company and by doing so an employee can know how he needs to make a change for performance appraisal.


It ensures that employee is using workplace system for work purpose only. It truly proves to be a very versatile tool when it marks for data security and integrity. This is a currently a soul need for companies and their employee’s performance.


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