i-Zonis recent small invention which can be understood as eyes-on. It is a verysimple, innovative and non complicative system meant for monitoring. I wouldlike to enlighten all of you with bright benefits of computer monitoringfeature of i-Zon software. First of all lets know what i-Zon is all about.

Theidea behind launching and bringing this invention is it captures the activityof computer and saves it to a log file. That means the activity of system ismonitored and saved as well. It is very helpful tool as it can be used for allkinds of security purposes. Like monitoring young kid’s minds to tracking thebehavior of employees. It is a powerful and versatile tool. It is based with aninteractive UI for users of all skills level. It helps to monitor one systemfrom one location without letting the person to knowing being monitored. Onecan call it an invisible tool. This tool helps to know the behavior of employeein a better visual way. We can use this extraordinary tool for securityconcerns.


CA very attractivefeature of i-Zon introduced lately is its capability for visual surveillance process.This very feature of i-Zon makes it truly extra ordinary as it helps to take orcapture the screenshot of the display screen of the user and then saves or storesit in the logs. This feature is a very secured process as it tells about thebehavior of the user. It can tell that what basically the user is up to in hisdevice. The user can be a small kid who can do some mishap or a employee evenwho can leak or reveal some relevant details in some unwanted way. Thus i-Zon in every way helps to keep an eye on the user. It basically works verybeneficially for the admin as it admin is getting all the details about thedevice used. Along with the Conduct of the user and his exercises and his wayof using his device or system with details. The admin gets an idea in thecontext of user’s behavior towards the company, his work and office details aswell. Infect this very software can access the conversations as well n keep incheck if anyone tries to act unusually. It captures the screenshot of thescreen once the user changes the screen and saves it to the logs.

Computer Monitoring Software is one very helpfulfeature of this software. i-Zon encompasses the ability and talent to recordand store all the details and activates of the employees. It can store emailsand conversations too. It can monitor FTP file transfer as well. It can accesshistory, search records and downloads as well. It can monitor the files anddocuments as well.

There are several advantages of monitoring a system. Itensures that data is secured and the user is not upto some suspicious conduct.It ensures those employees are using workplace system for business and workpurpose only. Mostly monitoring software’s are at very reasonable costs and itspossible to customize them according to the needs of company. It truly provesto be a very powerful tool when it comes to data security and integrity. Thisis a mandatory need for company and there is nothing to feel violated aboutthis feature abled. It has the potential to help for security issues that can ultimatelyaffect business operations and integrity.


As most of the data and content is stored on system and mostlyconversations are done via systems at workplaces, Security of such data andconversations become a matter of extra concern for the success of organization.i-Zon can be used to track the work productivity of the employee as well.

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