Desktop Monitoring software is basically a type of integrated and automated security concerned surveillance software and can be installed on an individual system on any network. It is and can only be accessed by a centralized system at the administrator location. The idea behind using this invention is it tracks and records the activities of computer, mobile or system devices and saves it to a log file. It has a feature of comprehensive Data saving as well.

It happens to be an innovative system which is basically meant for system monitoring and keeping in check the daily on-work routine of employees. It is a remote monitoring tool. It ensures that employee are using workplace system for work purpose only.


As the performance and conduct of the employees in any organization is basically directly proportional to the success and productivity of the company, and so enhancing and paying attention to an employee’s performance is one pivotal concern.

Its only goal is to check the behavior of the employee in the company and by doing so an employee can know how he needs to make a change for performance appraisal.

Computer monitoring system is also related to sales and marketing department. It provides sales tracking app as well. It has a feature of attendance system, which records the incoming and outgoing of the employee and stores the attendance timings as well . It is also used for sales visit tracking which can be understood in a way that it contributes in keeping and tracking the field sales employee, their activities and also their very GPRS location.


Along with tracking employees, it is very productive to track the sales order and their payment collection as well. It also performs data logging connecting web app to mobile app.

So on whole, it is a visual surveillance app as well which GPRS location detector along with employee monitoring. It is basically a free computer monitoring system.


With the help of this app we can know where the employees are. We can stay in touch with their daily movements, Know their meeting timings and everything related to workplace in real time.

Also, sales employee Monitoring Software can be a standalone application, or it can efficiently function as part of firewall software or hardware, an antivirus software, or an information security software.



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