How can we control and monitor data leak crimes in a company?

There are several advantages of monitoring a system. It ensures that data is secured and the user is not upto some suspicious conduct. It ensures that employee are using workplace system for business and work purpose only. i-Zon in every way helps to keep an eye on the user . It basically works very beneficially for the admin as it admin is getting all the details about the device used . Along with the Conduct of the user and his exercises and his way of using his device or system with details. The admin gets an idea in the context of user’s behavior towards the company , his work and office details as well. Infact this very software can access the conversations as well n keep in check if anyone tries to act unusually. It captures the screenshot of the screen once the user changes the screen and saves it to the logs. As most of the data and content is stored on system and mostly conversations are done via systems at workplaces, Security of such data and conversations become a matter of extra concern for the success of organization. It is a form of visual surveillance software.

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Computer Monitoring is one very helpful feature of this software. i-Zon encompasses the ability and talent to record and store all the details and activities of the employees. It can store emails and conversations too. Mostly monitoring software’s are at very reasonable costs and its possible to customize them according to the needs of company. It truly proves to be a very powerful tool when it comes to data security and integrity. This is a mandatory need for company and there is nothing to feel violated about this feature abled. It has the potential to help for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity.

i-Zon can be used to track the work productivity of the employee as well.

Data leak prevention theory is also installed in sales tracking app, as sales tracking application is also somewhere related to controlling data leak.


One of its features is to perform data logging, connecting web app to mobile app. It is also utilized for sales visit tracking. Sales employee tracking system feature of systematic and disciplined attendance system, which tracks, records and stores the incoming and outgoing of the employee and the attendance timings as well . It can be understood in a manner that it helps keep in check and tracking the on-field sales employee , their activities, their practices and also their very GPRS location.

Any loss of sensitive and important data and other forms of enterprise details can lead to significant financial losses and reputational permanent damage. As the companies are now well-aware of these dangers and data protection has become a burning topic, software’s are being developed for controlling data leak or manipulation and one such software is i-Zon. With this context in our mind, we have outlined five major reasons that why your organization needs data loss prevention.


1. The staff isn’t sure where the company’s relevant confidential data is being stored, where it’s being sent and who can access it.

2. Any company plots a plan for protecting their data from external manipulation, but does not provide protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential details by employees and partners.


3. One needs to protect proprietary information against any kind of security threats caused by enhanced employee mobility or new communication channels.

4. One would like to monitor their organization for inappropriate employee conduct of activities and practices and maintain forensic record of data of security events as evidence.


5. One can be uncertain of their organization’s level of protection and manipulation for confidential data in cloud applications and storage.


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