Employees are basically the true souls of any industry. As the performance, productivity and conduct of the employees is directly proportional to the success of the company, enhancing an employee’s performance is one pivotal concern.

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Employee Desktop Monitoring software innovative system meant for monitoring and keeping the daily on work routine of employees in check. The idea behind bringing and introducing this software is, as it records the activity of computer, mobile or system devices and saves it to a log file. It does comprehensive Data saving. It is fundamentally used to track the work productivity of an employee. It is an extraordinary and versatile tool for security concerns. It stretches from tracking small kids to office people. It functions in a manner where the one who is being tracked doesn’t get to know even that he is being tracked for security and official purposes.

As 90 percent of the data is saved and stored on workplace system and most of the conversations are done via systems at workplaces, Security check of such data, information and conversations becomes a sensitive matter of extra concern for the performance of employee and the relying success of organization.


It can be referred as an invisible form of visual surveillance. There is basically one centralized location which controls and monitors all the system of employees and their activities on the devices.


Employee Desktop monitoring software monitors almost nearly to 100 percent of employee activities and communication, like:

· Internet and applications usage

· Emailing

· Computer display screen recording

· Phone usage

Employee computer monitoring software contributes to capture and store the screenshot of the desktop screen of the user and then stores it in the logs . The software is a very automated secured functional process and is designed in keeping all the possible shortcomings. It helps to uncover that in case any employee can leak or reveal some secrecy contract details in some malicious intent manner. It also functions beneficially for the administrator as it is the admin basically who is getting all the details about the device used with the Conduct of the user or employee and his activities. The admin gets the complete set of idea in the context of user’s behavior towards the association, his work and office details as well.


Most of the organizations have their company policies to monitor and track their employees because they want their employees to contribute and work efficiently to get productivity in official work matters. Once the employees are aware about the fact that they are under supervision and their work routine is being tracked, it might push or pressurize them to put extra efforts but surely will enhance and upgrade their performance and productivity. The primary intention here is to put unacceptable behavior of employees at halt so that before it cause a negative influence on the business or for the organization.


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