Computer Desktop Monitoring software is meant for observing, capturing, tracking and recording the operations and activities of users, applications and network services used by them on a computer or enterprise systems. As its automated fundamental function, desktop monitoring software captures, records and tracks all the logs say incoming or outgoing network traffic, along with all the user processes and interactions, application activities and operations.

Desktop Monitoring software is basically a type of integrated and automated security concerned surveillance software and can be installed on an individual system on any network. It is and can only be accessed by a centralised system at the administrator location. Also, it can be a standalone application, or it can efficiently function as part of firewall software or hardware, an antivirus software, or an information security software.


This software is available for many operating systems and there are specific desktop monitoring tools for windows which provide a way to supervise and monitor the overall processes, and activities that are performed on a computer system, and provides tracking and reporting services to the system or network administrator through a centralised system.

It actually works by keeping an eye on kids as well as trackany logging into a website. Using a GPS tracker and user monitoring device for kids means that safety and security doesn’t have to be intrusive anymore.

Desktop System monitoring, this very feature of i-Zon makes it truly versatile device as it helps to take or capture the screenshot of the desktop screen of the user and then saves or stores it in the logs . It monitors FTP file transfer as well. It can access search history , search records and any downloads as well. It can access and track the files and documents as well.


It consist of some specific rules, signatures, events and preferences, which interpretes and analyze any normal and abnormal system states and activities. It also alerts by giving a red signal the administrator if it identifies or notices any violation or breach by ignorance or any malicious intent that results in some abnormal and unacceptable system behavior, user activity or network flow.

As most of the company’s data is stored on computers and almost all possible official and confidential interactions and communication are done on an organization’s computer corporate network, the security of the data is concerning sensitive matter and crucial for the success of an organization.



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