There are several advantages of monitoring a system. It ensures that data is secured and the user is not upto some suspicious conduct. It ensures that employee is using workplace system for business and work purpose only. Mostly monitoring softwares are at very reasonable costs and its possible to customize them according to the needs of company. It truly proves to be a very powerful tool when it comes to data security and integrity. This is a mandatory need for company and there is nothing to feel violated about this feature abled. It has the potential to help for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity. Employee monitoring provides better conduct of administration and customer satisfaction. There is no harm in Keeping eyes on the staff via proper channels when it comes to controlling the workplaces. Employee monitoring software ultimately provides a ultimate productive output in the workplace. Most of the business and organizations have their policies to monitor employees because they want their workers to contribute efficiently.

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Our software i-Zon encompasses the ability and talent to record and store all the details and activities of the employees. It can store emails and conversations too. Also it is necessary to monitor employees as some organizations have their policies for monitoring as they desire efficient contribution of employees. It can monitor FTP file transfer as well. It can access history, search records and downloads as well. The reason behind why employees are monitored actually, makes employees more conscious to work better and avoid irrelevant activities.

Once employees know there are under supervision, it might cause them a bit in pressure but surely will enhance their performance and productivity.


As most of the data and content is stored on system and mostly conversations are done via systems at workplaces, Security of such data and conversations become a matter of extra concern for the success of organization. I-Zon can be used to track the work productivity of the employee as well.

Employee Tracking Software has many advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to enhance the productivity of employees in an organization, advantages always outnumber the disadvantages. It is one of the biggest IT platform which toenhance the performance of an employee.  


It is very beneficial tool as it can be used for all kinds of cyber security related issues. It can be used to monitor young kids minds and tracking the behavior of employees as well. It is a powerful combined versatile application By using employee monitoring or computer monitoring technique, organization enhances and increases the productivity of their employees and their performance. It is safe and recommended as far as the better performance of employees and company is concerned.


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