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How does monitoring employees proves helpful for organization?

Free Employee monitoring is the process of gathering information about the GPS location and practices of employees via monitoring devices and its methods for workplace surveillance. This free monitoring system monitor employees and helps to improve, attain high productivity and protect various official corporate resources. The major intention is to put unacceptable behavior of employees at halt in the first place so that before it cause a negative influence on the business or for the organization.

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This monitoring system generously proves to be a very versatile tool when it comes to data security and integrity. Most of the companies have their policies to monitor employees because they want their employees to contribute and work efficiently to get productivity in official work matters. Once employees are aware about the fact that they are under supervision, it might push them in pressure but surely will enhance and upgrade their performance and productivity. Free Employee monitoring System has many advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to protect the confidential matters of the workplace in an organization and about the enhancement of performance of the employees, advantages always outnumber any disadvantages.

As the workplace research study from International Data Corp (IDC) says and reported that 30-40 percent of employee Internet access time was not work-related. Other statistics: 21-31 percent of employees had sent emails divulging sensitive and confidential information, such as intellectual property related matters or trade secrecy matters, or outside of the organization’s corporate network. Various employee Monitoring methods constitutes keystroke logging, wiretapping, GPS tracking and Internet monitoring, which includes visual surveillance of employees, web surfing, emailing , instant messaging and interaction on various social networking sites.


Yes, One important question for employee monitoring is the use of various tools and equipment and their way of usage.

Another important point here to note down is that it is legal to monitor employees in organization by any admin with the use of corporate-owned computers systems, smart-phones and other devices during working business hours. The situation of legality becomes murky when employee monitoring is done using corporate-owned devices outside of working hours, but in sales job it is legal, as it is significant to know about the GPS location of employees, on-field locations and productivity.


Our modern technology has introduced such free employee monitoring system, companies can monitor almost 100 percent of employee activities and communication, including:

· Internet and applications usage

· Emailing

· Keystroke logging

· Computer display screen recording

· Phone usage

· Video and audio surveillance

· GPS tracking by vehicle for sales on-field employees


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