How does user monitoring software proves its usefulness?

In the arena of information security, user monitoring can be recognized as the monitoring and recording of actions done by user. It captures user’s actions, the usage of applications by users, windows opened and used, system commands which are executed, any checkboxes clicked, text entered or edited, any URLs visited and nearly every other on-display-screen event to protect the data. It ensures that employees, users or contractors stay within their assigned tasks, and are posing no threat to the organization.

User monitoring software can provide video surveillance of user activities and process the videos into the user activity logs that keep step-by-step records of the user actions and practices that can be analyzed and searched later to investigate any out-of-scope activities or events.


User activity alerting is a feature in user activity monitoring systems. User monitoring software serves the purpose and need of notifying any mishap or misstep concerned with the company’s confidential information. Real-time alerting enables the administrator at his centralised location to be notified the second an error, mishap or intrusion occurs. User monitor alerts can also be customized on the basis of user actions and activities within an application, such as deleting and creating a user or executing any specific commands.

User monitoring software adds an additional layer of protection for security purposes that will help security professionals to keep in check. With the use of monitoring user software, and along with the contribution of dedicated software which analyzes exactly, at the moment the user’s actions, activities and practices, what the user does during their session, security check professionals can attach a risk factor to the specific users and groups, and can immediately alert with a warning red flag if a high-threat user performs something suspicious that can be interpreted and analysed as a high-risk action such as exporting, revealing confidential customer information, constructing large database queries that are basically out of the scope , accessing any confidential resources that they shouldn’t be accessing and so on so forth.


User monitoring software tools monitors and track end user behavior and activities on devices, or various networks, and any other company-owned IT resources. Many industries implement user activity monitoring tools which helps them to detect and stop any insider threats, whether unintentional or with some malicious intent. The range of monitoring and methods utilization and analysation depends upon the objectives of the company.

By implementing this user activity monitoring software, suspicious behavior can be identified or noticed more readily by enterprises and mitigate the possible threats before they result in data breaches, or can at least help to minimize damages. It can also be referred as sometimes user activity tracking, user activity monitoring is a form of visual and audio surveillance, but it serves as a protection concerned review of end user activity to determine if any misuse of access privileges or data protection policies is conducted either through mistaken ignorance or malicious intent.



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