As parents, it is really very difficult to make tough decisions. The responsibility of parents start right from an infant and keep rising everyday. They are parents who have to decide what is best to eat for kids, wear, play with, talk about, and experience in surroundings. It is parent’s responsibility basically to ensure that the child not only lives a happy life, but also they stay safe and protected from such people who might want to hurt and harm them. This is no easy feat and it can often feel like cakewalk.

Fortunately, Information Technology services have offered plenty of ways in form of software and applications to even the playing field.


Yes, life can be challenging and scary sometimes for kids as well as parents, but technology is just one of the manner that parents can take back control. GPS trackers and user monitoring system, for example, i-Zon have grown in popularity lately because they are instant, flexible, very secure and fast. The idea behind launching and bringing this invention is it captures the activity of computer and saves it to a log file. That means the activity of system is monitored and saved as well. It is very helpful tool as it can be used for all kinds of security purposes. It represents computer monitoring system .

It simply keeps keeping an eye on kids as simple as logging into a website. Using a GPS tracker and user monitoring device for kids means that safety and security doesn’t have to be intrusive.

It helps to monitor one system from one location without letting the person to knowing being monitored. One can call it an invisible tool and remote monitoring tool.


A very attractive feature of i-Zon introduced lately is its capability for visual surveillance process. System monitoring, this very feature of i-Zon makes it truly extraordinary as it helps to take or capture the screenshot of the display screen of the user and then saves or stores it in the logs . It can monitor FTP file transfer as well. It can access history , search records and downloads as well. It can monitor the files and documents as well.

Advantages of using this monitoring software for child safety:

Less Worry and Anxiety

This technology while also enabling your child to retain some independence, also gives parents a peace of mind state and keep them at ease. It is like a perceptional step for children to stay safe.


A Fast, Targeted Response

If there is ever any signal or chance that your child might be in danger, a GPS tracker or this device will provides an exact location to the administrator system. Parents can also use GPS gadgets and these monitoring devices and apps to keep in check whether a teenager is speaking the truth about their whereabouts.


Helps with Family Discipline

In many cases, a user monitoring and tracking device can prove up being really valuable when it comes to building and along with establishing family rules and boundaries. It reflects a fair and reasonable compromise for young kids; they are allowed to exercise and practise their independence and autonomy, but they must be monitored this way for safety.



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