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How to achieve work productivity even outside the company?

Computer Monitoring is one very helpful technique for achieving high productivity. This is a mandatory need for company and there is nothing to feel violated about this feature abled. It has the potential to help for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity.

 Employee sales Tracking software is also one kind of employee monitoring and is generously a very handy app. It is a day Track app and its features proposes and offers tracking and monitoring employees in not only in the office but in the office fields as well for sales employees. With the help of this app we can know where the employees are.

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We can stay in touch with their daily movements, Know their meeting timings and everything related to workplace in real time. It tracks and records the on field sales employee GPS location and can track that employee. It is remote monitoring tool.


One of the most important steps in achieving high productivity anywhere is Evaluating Employee Performance:

Employee monitoring, if done with right tools, is perfect. Employee monitoring software provides a fair analysis about employees and their activities, practices throughout the timespan in the respective association. As their records and documents will be maintained, the managers and directors would be able to do performance evaluation of the employees in the most suitable official manners. For giving rewards and increments or badges to the employees and teams every company has a set of employee monitoring techniques and software’s.


Another way to attain high productivity is to keep Vigilant Eyes on the Staff:

There is a possibility some day that there can happen some mishap within the workplace and to have control over all of these, there is the necessity of employee monitoring system. i-Zon software, manufactured by us is one such example for such employee monitoring systems software. Maintaining official control and supervising the members, teams and office employees by staying in check with the entire team working in office.


This app has many high productivity attaining advantages. As it works by tracking and navigating their employees with the GPS location, the company gets to know its actual geographical reach. It makes it easily possible to calculate the working office hours. As in this case employee monitoring work efficiently not only in the office but outside the office as well so there happens the enhancement in the employee’s performance to work smoothly from any location as he knows he is being monitored .

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