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No more doubts regarding the safety of your business. No more complaints about data misuse.No more reports about harassment from your workers. We now have an amazing Computer monitoring software as well as i-Zon Employee monitoring software to solve all your issues. If you have excellent Computer monitoring software at your work station or at your business, then it is the best way to track your employees with no limited rules and conditions. All these facts are only possible through our Internet monitoring software.

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The main feature of this Internet monitoring software is to provide better service with no limitations regarding time and region. No matter where you live in, this software works as a supervisor at your office or business to track the employees at your presence and absence too. You will be pointing your browser to the anywhere monitor web space and you can view all the logs. There is no trouble of remembering IP addresses as all logs are same, so you need to be worry about any missing information. It is just like watching from a local server. The main advantage of this software is that the customer’s no longer need to stay in their offices but can enjoy their comfort at home and simultaneously watching their employee’s status.

The key features about anywhere monitor are, it can work even though the client is in offline mode so no missing information. It provides a powerful protection as the whole process is encrypted and only can be red when after decryption by the web server. It is powerful Internet monitoring software only with the accurate user info; the person can access the information and logs. You can log on from any browser to your web space which is encrypted. The software makes it easy on the customers, regardless about their computer experience. As a powerful Keylogger provides fully recorded logs for pressed keys and any key activities are displayed in monitored pages. It is perfectly compatible and adjustable under any circumstances of internet connections. Moreover it runs completely invisible so that the user cannot end the process while they find that anywhere monitor related programs. It is completely core coded thus reducing the stress on CPU and helps in running the other programs smoothly.


The logs include file usage, system events, key strokes, email logs, instant messages, websites visited etc. We have another solution for document theft. Print Job Monitor, an excellent product to monitor all the printers from a particular position. No more worries about missing information or theft of valuable and confidential information and files. Print job does it. It helps you track any printer’s status and save into centralized database so that you can analyse and track it later.

Spy software keylogger and Computer monitoring software for recording activity on remote or local PC. web sites, keystrokes, emails, chats, instant messages, snapshots and much more, Screen recorder and other Surveillance tools for internet usage tracking. For more In-formations Please visit our Employee monitoring website.



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