Employee sales tracking software brought into IT sphere is a day Track software that provide tacking services. It features tracking sales employees in field sales job. It tracks the work field sales employee GPRS location. The basic fundamental of sales tracking software is tracking and keeping the employees in check. This app has many generous advantages. It’s a very generous software and very handy for sales department employees.

One of its features is to perform data logging, connecting web app to mobile app. It is also utilized for sales visit tracking. Sales employee tracking system feature of systematic and displined attendance system, which tracks, records and stores the incoming and outgoing of the employee and the attendance timings as well. It can be understood in a manner that it helps keep in check and tracking the on-field sales employee, their activities, their practices and also their very GPRS location.


This software contributes to decide who has to assign work to the sales employees. It tell about such information also. It also helps to calculate the working office hours. It functions by tracking and navigating their employees with the GPRS location, and so the company gets to know its actual geographical reach. It provides visual surveillance as well. Sales tracking system basically keep the employees location in record and their all time activities and practices at the office hours in work fields.

With the invention of this software we can know about the where about of the employee at workplace. The administrative system can stay in touch with their employee’s activities, stay updated about their meeting timings and everything related to work place in real time. It can also be referred as visual surveillance software in some way with GPRS location detector along with the feature of employee monitoring. Hence, it would not be wrong if we say that it is basically a computer monitoring system. When we talk about sales and business, it contributes to the competitor’s capability of reach of product. Along with the potential of tracking and recording, it also constructively manages to track the sales order along with their payment collection.

It is also handy and beneficial for online ordering. So, these constitute advantages provided by sales employee tracking app.

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