Employee monitoring has many advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to enhance the productivity of employees in an organization, advantages always outnumber the disadvantages. By using employee monitoring technique, organization enhances and increases the productivity of their employees and their performance.

Employee monitoring provides better conduct of administration and customer satisfaction. There is no harm in Keeping eyes on the staff via proper channels when it comes to controlling the workplaces. It is safe and recommended as far as the better performance of employees and company is concerned.


Employee monitoring ultimately provides a ultimate productive output in the workplace.

Most of the business and organizations have their policies to monitor employees because they want their workers to contribute efficiently.

The reason behind why employees are monitored actually, makes employees more conscious to work better and avoid irrelevant activities.


Once employees know their are under supervision, it might cause them a bit in pressure but surely will enhance their performance and productivity. Also it is necessary to monitor employees as some organizations have their policies for monitoring as they desire efficient contribution of employees.

One of the most important advantage is Evaluating Employee Performance:

For giving rewards and increments to the staff and employees every company has a set of employee monitoring techniques and software.


As their records will be maintained, the managers and directors would be able to do evaluation of the employees in the most suitable and possible manners. So, on whole, employee monitoring system gives fair analysis about employees and their activities, practices throughout the year. Employee monitoring, if done with right tools , is perfect.


Another advantage is proper office Management:

Employee monitoring is helpful in keeping and maintaining a peaceful workable environment. Employees monitoring helps to ensure proper conduct of administration and management at workplace. Everything will be on the right track, employees will be working in work hours with discipline, the administration office will be supervising and handling of office matters and the bosses eventually can take a sigh of relief. Thus, more better the administration, merrier will be the results.


Helps to keep Vigilant Eyes on the Staff:

One of the most important thing is maintaining control and supervising over the staff members and office employees by keeping eyes on-off on the entire team working in office. There is a possibility that there can be some mishap within the workplace and to control all these, there is the need of employee monitoring Software system. i-Zon software is one example for such employee monitoring systems.

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