Yes people, I am back with another happening advantage of this software ‘i-Zon’. Yes, that very one which a monitoring software, for kids, primarily for employees and then yes of course it can imply to partners too. Truly humorous, but yes this time IT brought something for couples too.

Some couples and audience out there might think that this is a full of manipulation and violation software, but to be accurate, you can install this software, if you want to. It is not set by default in any system. When you feel the need you can install it very easily. It revolves around the concept of Computer Monitoring, data storage and visual surveillance.


On very first note, this software’s prime concern is monitoring employees and kids. As it has monitoring features it is applicable for any device and can be installed even for keeping your partners device in check if you want to. A very attractive feature of i-Zon introduced a very secured process as it tells about the behavior of the user. It can tell that what basically the user is upto in his device. Checks if anyone tries to act unusually. It captures the screenshot of the screen once the user changes the screen and saves it to the logs. It is Visual Surveillance Software.

Well, according to me, it’s a very helpful and humorous feature as well.

I can’t say whether it is relationship enhancing software because it is not a love-affair software one. But it is very productive software as all the activity logs and reports along with every action done by your partner on that device will be stored and sorted. This software is invisible, so basically your partner won’t be able get to know that you are monitoring on them, unless you want to make them aware of. You can install this software from one centralized location which makes you the administrator. So it will give the administrator valuable insights on what their partners are cooking upto, where they are spending time, what type on history they have in internet history and much more. There is no need to have direct access to the system, just install it remotely. Significantly, not to be rude or something but yes this software basically productively checks up on cheating partners. If you seriously have solid and genuine reasons to be suspicious that your soul and significant partner is upto to something not good, it never hurts to check. This manner you will be able to strike to the right and constructive decision until it gets too late for you to make a mark and the situation moves beyond your control. Keep your eyes-on with i-Zon.

Audience, so go happy loving and (if needed) monitoring!

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